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Secure The Frontier! – Protéger Nos Frontières!

Editors Note: I know people are afraid when protestors show up to address immigration issues, but the rules of Common Law, have to be followed. The Wave Chronicle will always believe that legal immigration harms no one. It will benefit the Western Government and it will benefit the people coming to the new host nation. When the rules of law are not followed, the population of the host nation has a right to demand that Common Law has to be followed. 

18 months after Canada’s border crisis first began, on June 3, a group of roughly 300 patriots and nationalists from across the country gathered at the most porous illegal entry point on Roxham Rd in Quebec.

The radical pro-open borders group, Antifa, tried to shut us down by forming a road blocked and placing spikes on the pavement; however, they were no match for our numbers and will.

After Quebec provincial police ushered the anarchists away, patriots marched towards the border chanting nationalist slogans and standing shoulder to shoulder against Justin Trudeau’s globalist government and our undemocratic open borders policy.

While several media were on the ground for the entirety of our event, only one CTV story covered the event — and we all know what that means: Canadian nationalists hosted an event so good, the media didn’t know how to spin it!

… And I, for one, can’t wait to do it again!


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