Something Strange is Happening to YouTube Celebrities

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Hey internet friends. As you can see, YouTube decided to age-restrict this video only a few hours after I uploaded it. I appealed the decision,  yet they ultimately decided that while this video didn’t violate any of their community guidelines, it “may not be appropriate for a general audience”.

Google: Don’t Be Evil

Do the Right Thing Motto:

“By taking advantage of Google Preferred, brands get access to among the top 5% of content on YouTube, reach the highly coveted 18- to 34-year-old audience, and receive the measurement results they need to maximize the impact of their campaigns.”

YouTube origin story:

Idea for YouTube came from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction:

Google visits to White House

10,000 Google staff set to police YouTube content: chief

Disney ditches Jake Paul:


Other dead body video on YouTube:

Logan Paul, and the Strange Loneliness of the “Internet Celebrity”

The Hollywood building where social media stars live:

Team 10 members:

YouTube responds to Logan Paul:

Do you want to see a dead body Red series:

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