Paul Graham Raven: Talk about Transhumanism

I am going to be honest with you, this video shocked me. I have watched many negative Transhuman videos before. They are a dime a dozen and usually they have core concept wrong. Paul Graham Raven has some severe negativity that simply I was not prepared for.

I am shocked at the level of discourse within the video, regarding Max More. I understand a level of discourse over cryogenics and life extension but I am shocked at the level of negativity. I am not going to tell you that Paul Graham Raven is correct or that he is wrong.

I do believe within the video, you have tales of lies and truth all wrapped up in Anti-Transhumanism. Some of the topics covered, Paul Graham Raven is absolutely correct about. The fear of an Ayn Rand Transhumanist Future, is valid and should be guarded against.

This video is not a casual watch, you really have to pay attention and listen.

Paul Graham Raven aus Sheffield über Transhumanismus.


Mike Dodd

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