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Venezuela Economy Minister—Sabotage, Not Socialism, is the Problem

Editors Note: This is a puff pastry treat article, by Abby Martin. Normally, I would not post the article but it is rare to actually hear from a Venezuelan Government official. The Venezuelan Government Official is right, it is an economic war against his nation but the rest of the discussion is beyond full of shit level. For CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox, this is Abby Martin’s application for a State Media position. You will just have to convince her to join the Empire. 

Today in the corporate media, Venezuela’s economic problems are used to paint the country as a failed state, in need of foreign-backed regime change.

To get the Bolivarian government’s side of the crisis, Abby Martin interviews Venezuela’s Minister of Economic Planning, Ricardo Menéndez. They discuss shortages, oil dependency, the role of the US-backed opposition movement and more.

The Empire Files joined him in Cojedes, Venezuela, where he was speaking to mass community meetings, organizing the population to fight against what he calls an economic war.

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