Weird Ways of the Elite

A disturbing look into the demented lives of the hidden elite.

The Illuminati bloodlines, child sacrifices, blood-drinking and more! See the sick art they collect, their horrific pastimes, and learn the shocking lengths they will go to extend their lives!


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Abnormal: Ross Bugden
Circus of Dread: Robert Austin
Carnival of the Dead: Robert Austin
Carnival Lament: Robert Austin
The Addams Family Theme Song:
Digital Bark: Kevin Macleod
Autumn: Vivaldi
Bent and Broken: Kevin Macleod
TheBoogeyman: Robert Austin
Carol of the Bells: Myuuji
The Dark Forest: Ghoulish Grin Films
Haunted: Ross Bugden
Sinister Slumber: Robert Austin…
Madness: Robert Austin
Its Not Over Yet: Myuuji
Wasted Wonderland: Myuuji
Pagan Drum Chant Music: Stephen Mullaney-Westwood
Spacial Winds: Kevin Macleod
Walking Into Darkness: Myuuji
Grotesque Fantasia: Myuuji
Down the Rabbit Hole: Myuuji
Library of Secrets: Derek Fletcher

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