Foreign Policy: Greek 2015 Edition

Welcome to a whole new world for the Greek people. The Syriza Party won the election and a majority of the Greek Parliament.

Now that the revolution has won, now you have to follow through on the promises of a new tomorrow for the Greek people. Obviously, the debt is the main issue that has to be solved for the Greek nation to move forward into the future.

I will discuss this in steps:

  • Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will need to push through new laws immediately:
    • A balance budget amendment that politicians have to live to. If the budget is not balanced then the Greek people will need to vote to pass or deny said budget. No longer will Greek leadership be allowed to hide debt from it’s people.
    • Hold bankers responsible for transactions and failures. If the issue is fraud then they have to be prosecuted, if it is a foreign bank and foreign assets that are part of the fraud then the Greek people will not be responsible for that debt and criminal proceeding will begin for Foreign bankers that have committed the fraud as well.
    • Creation of an independent accounting office to review all Government expenditures and accounting. The new accounting office will report directly to the Greek people and will not report to any other function within the Greek government.


  •  An investigation needs to be conducted as to what the actual Greek debt is. The debt needs to be separated by the following:
    • Debt that is valid Greek debt. What that actually means is debt that was from Greek sources and the Greek people.
    • Debt that was held from bad foreign investments. A bank or institution failing in Greece does not actually equal that it is Greek national debt. If the bank failed because it was holding onto fraudulent foreign transactions, then that debt belongs to the host nation and not to the Greek people.


  • Time to make a deal that the EU cannot refuse. Do not haggle about the issue. If you let the Euro’s debate, your bones will turn to dust before a real answer can be reached.
    • You go before the EU and advise them that the Central Bank will acquire all non Greek national debt. At that point the EU can decide whether they want to acquire the debt, write off the debt, or say no.
    • If the EU will write off or acquire the non Greek national debt then proceed to cut a deal on the actual Greek debt. I am not a fan of the EU and the austerity measures but Greeks need to pay for the debt that they created. If the EU can bridge some of the way, the Greek government and it’s people should be able to meet the EU on the damn bridge.
    • If the EU tells you No, then it is time to move from the Euro Zone.


  • The EU has told you to pound sand, but you still have options. Greece is a very valuable commodity in an era of proxy wars that the world is in right now. For that simple fact, you should send a Christmas card to the War Monger Elite in America, because without them, none of this would be possible.
    • What they say about real estate is: location, location, location. Greece is one of those locations, because you sit on the perfect side of the Mediterranean Sea.
    • This real estate would be very valuable to the Russian Federation. Quite simply a Russian Naval Base sitting in the Mediterranean that can protect the entrance of the Black Sea would be a wonderful thing to have in a proxy war.
    • It is a simple transaction, Russia takes over the Greek debt, every last bit of it, so they can have the Naval Base they have always dreamed of having on the Mediterranean Sea. Do not settle for anything less than that. Believe me, your debt issue is a blip on the radar for the Russian Federation as it faces the ongoing proxy war with America.
    • If the Russians are not interested or for some insane reason is playing hard to get, move to China. You may think China is slightly insane but, China takes actions 50 years in advance. They may not have much of a navy now, in 50 years, that may not be the case.


I will be honest, these are not the only steps that you will need to take. The revolution has to fix a broken nation, the government and it’s people. You need to have the Greek bravado and pride that history dictates that you are. Do not turn your back on your history or your people. Stand strong, stand together, move forward. Suffer as one people and benefit as one people.

Strive to do more, while you still can.

Mike Dodd

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