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New Mont Order Associate – J.M. Porup – What Technology Dictates, the Law Transcribes

Welcome to the new Mont Order associate J.M. Porup. Below is an excerpt of a solid article regarding technology and law:



What Technology Dictates, the Law Transcribes

In a recent blog post over on the CDT blog, Jake Laperruque discusses police body cameras, and how they could be used to prevent civil liberties abuses by the police.

His focus seems to be: What policy / law / rule set should govern the use of police body cameras?

This is, IMHO, the wrong question to ask. When law and technology collide, law always loses. Even a brief glance at history shows that might makes right, and law picks up the pieces afterward.

Or to be more precise: Technology redistributes social and political power, and law codifies that new power balance.

Click here to read the rest of the article: What Technology Dictates, the Law Transcribes by J.M. Porup.

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