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21st Century Foreign Policy Agenda For Western Nations

The current policy of forcing Islamist Nations to embrace Western thought has failed epicaly. Nation after nation, trillions of dollars, many thousands of lives and the Islamist world does not want to join Western Civilization and that simple fact needs to be respected and enforced.

How many times are we going to bring Islamist Nations freedom for each and every one of these Nations vote for the most bizarre and socially bankrupt individuals in their own Islamist society.

The Palestine had a free and clear election and voted for an Islamist society.

Egypt had a free and clear election and voted for an Islamist society.

Iraq has tried to have elections and they voted for an Islamist society.

Afghanistan had free elections and voted for an Islamist society.

Western Nations are feeding the flames of revolution in Syria and those freedom fighters will push for a more Islamist society, when they eventually take power. 

I am sure to be missing other fine examples but in the end they want to live backwards and embrace Islamist society. The West needs to come to grips with this mentality and leave these people to their beliefs.

These Nations have a right to exist and they have a right to live their lives as they deem fit. If they wish to live in an Islamist society, then that is what they need to do. It is not the West’s jobs to judge these people by our own beliefs. It is also not the job of the West to enlighten these people, Islamist society has made a decision on how they want to live their lives by and these people have proven in every single conflict they have been in, that Islamist society is not going to change for anyone or by any Super Power.

A perfect example of this is Afghanistan, these people have fought two super powers and they have not changed from the Islamist society that they want to live. Afghanistan in the 1960′s was an Industrialized Nation, they had hospitals, they had infrastructure, they had industry. Afghanistan was a Western Nation and it’s people fought to change from Western thought. The USSR back in the day invaded Afghanistan to try to keep it from being an Islamist State and the USSR failed. You can even say they tried to exterminate the people of Afghanistan and the USSR still failed. Sometime after the 911 attacks, the United States invaded Afghanistan and they have been in country for a decade and folks the Islamist State is still in control on the ground. Unless the West is prepared to kill each and every Afghan who wants an Islamist State, you are never going to change these people from the beliefs that they want to live by.

The Path Forward For The West

If Islamist Society wants to live by it’s own rules, the West needs to adapt to the reality and take the correct course of action so Western thought and Western Society can thrive, advance and live peacefully.

The West needs to rebuild and retool, all the Western Nations needs to fix it’s infrastructure, education, technology, and way of life, without the fear of terrorists attacks. We need a 21st century renaissance to advance Western people and our own beliefs and world view.

The list below is the best way for the Western World to move forward in Foreign Policy for 21st century:

War will not change Islamist Society.

Islamist Society cannot and will not negotiate a peaceful future.

Islamist Society will never be part of Western Society.

The West needs to isolate Nations who are part of Islamist Society.

If Islamist’s living in Western Nations want to live their lives by Islamist Society then they need to immigrate to Nations that are part of Islamist Society. Otherwise Islamist’s living in Western Nations need to abide by Western Law.

The West needs to end all purchasing from Islamist Nations and that includes and is not limited too oil.

The West needs to put a freeze on all sales of anything and I mean anything to Islamist Nations.

The West needs to end educational programs to residents of Islamist Nations.

The West needs to freeze all immigration from Islamist Nations. 

I am against isolation in most circumstances but Islamist Society demands it. Western Nations cannot continue to waste resources on a people who do not want to live in the same society as we do.

Islamist Society has the right to live their lives by how they deem fit but they do not get to live with the benefits of Western Society that they have fought against. Islamist Society will not rally against Western Society and then the elite of Islamist Society gets to live, purchase, and educate their select people with the hard work that Western Society has done to build itself to where it is today.

Western Society will move forward and expand Western Thought for the benefit of Western Nations.

Mike Dodd

I have a wide range of views and opinions. I have worked in a number of industries some of them are: Banking, Dairy, Health Insurance, Education and Government. I am the owner and editor in charge of a number of websites and message boards. The crown jewel of the websites is which covers a wide variety of content. The Wave Chronicle is a site built to put forth thought provoking information, which can range from activism, politics, technology, philosophy, climate change, education, futurist / transhumanist theory and some fun articles that tend to be on the conspiracy theory side. Finally, I am also an accomplished no limit holdem poker player who sadly does not see enough time at a poker table.

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