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Fascism & the Christian Right

Editors Note: The topic of Fascism & the Christian Right is a valid and worrying topic. The view of Abby Martin and Chris Hedges adding President Trump into the discussion is foolish because it is based on nothingness. I understand some of the issues and complaints regarding certain appointments that President Trump has made but the leap to the administration backing Fascism is not based on facts or alternative facts.

In spite of this issue, the discussion is awesome and it will be a good watch.

For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government—from Mike Pence to Betsy DeVos. 

This new development is coupled with the emergence of the Alt Right, the Trump movement, and the rise of fascist movements abroad. 

Renowned journalist and author Chris Hedges has embedded himself in what he calls “Christianized Fascism” and warns that this is the biggest danger we face under Trump.…

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