The Economy Is At An Odd Place Right Now

The economy in the USA is in a very odd place. Since the 2016 elections, the stock market has gone straight up, with no market correction. The Federal Reserve is determined to raise interest rates and to be honest, it is hard to argue against it.

I do not believe that we have hit the new golden era. I also do not believe that the US Economy is going to crash either. 2017 is going to be a transition year, it could go bad or good. Much of this will depend on exactly what the US Government / US Congress does. Depending on those actions, will be the determination of exactly what is going to be the future of the American Economy.



What I will tell you, I see both good and bad indicators.

On the bad side:

  • You have had 8 failed banks since 2016 and 3 bank failures in 2017
  • PBGC has been involved in more insolvent pension funds
  • The dying Mall retail sector
  • The lack of a correction from the current Trump Bull Market
  • Pending Greek Financial Collapse Summer 2017

On the good side:

  • Do you have a valid argument for a reason not to make a interest rate hike by Federal Reserve
  • FDIC announces 2016 4th Quarter positive earnings for commercial and community banks
  • The Trump Bull Market continues to plod forward
  • Jobs Growth of 227,000 in January 2017

All you can do now is hope that the US Government and US Congress goes forward with a job creation / infrastructure deal to boost the US Economy, which should continue the Trump Bull Market into 2018.

You will also have to hope that the negative items that I see do not have an impact on the US Economy, especially the coming issue with the Greek EU debt.

As always, I will keep an eye on it and will issue further announcements as needed.

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