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The American Empire Overblown And Broke – A Russian POV

As the American Empire continues the campaign of spreading flames of fear and hate across the world, I have encountered many different points of view.

The one that I am sharing below is from Vladimir Frolov, who is providing a Russian point of view of the American Empire and the Russian Federation:

Obama ruins the reputation of America by behaving like a hooligan who threatens everybody with a knife, while everybody knows that the knife isn’t sharpened, and the hooligan doesn’t have guts to strike anyway.

The truth is that if Putin wanted, he could take back Alaska just as easy as he took back Crimea.

Russia and China laugh at America: U.S. destroyer that was sent to Crimea ran aground, drones that U.S. was sending to spy on Russian troops were hacked and hijacked by Russia, etc.

The sad truth is that American military doesn’t have capability to fight Russia in its sphere of influence.

Russia spent the last ten years rebuilding its military, developing new tech and introducing new units, while America didn’t even properly maintain its existing Cold War arsenal.

U.S. wasted its over-inflated military budget on pointless wars, bases throughout the world and other “world police” actions (euphemistically called “power projection”), while not doing any serious military innovations.

And those innovations that were actually made are either only useful for “world police” operations (like drones) or a total disaster (like F-35).

Yes, Americans still have big navy, but without new missiles it’s just floating targets. Tomohawk and Harpoon are subsonic, while Russian missiles are either supersonic or hypersonic. Americans wasted money on “anti-ballistic” programs, while Russians simply upgraded their best-in-the-world anti-air S-300/S-400/S-500 tech for ABM purposes.

Americans wasted money on creating new stealth fighter-bomber (which is sucky bomber and even more sucky fighter), while Russians simply upgraded their top Sukhoi platform for stealth fighter purposes.

It’s obvious that American military budget is just a big corruption scheme for stealing money from taxpayers and then wasting it on overpriced shit.

NATO itself is just a front to sell American junk – they are forced to buy American, while actual competitive arms markets are dominated by either Russia (when quality is needed) or China (when low price is needed).

In 90ies, America had fresh forces, while Russia had rusting junk. Now, it is the opposite: Russian forces are brand-new, while Americans only have old Cold War junk. Americans did Soviet mistake of imperial overstretch, and they made it worse because they can actually afford it by inflating its debt instead of bankrupting the country and re-organizing it. Bankruptcy can be actually good for business if it became inefficient and requires reorganization, same is true for countries.

USSR wasn’t able to indebt itself so it bankrupted itself and eventually reorganized itself into highly efficient and modern system, and now takes back those USSR territories that are actually worth taking back (like Crimea), while U.S. keeps piling its mistakes one atop the other, without acknowledging that its system is unsustainable.

Russian rearmament program will be completed by 2020.¬†We already mothballed our massive quantities of good, but old stuff, because maintaining obsolete tech will drag us back, we now use only 100% fresh systems.¬†Some of these systems aren’t even shown yet – “Armata” tank is to be demonstrated on 2015 V-day parade, while “Kurgan” and “Boomerang” are to be demonstrated on 2014 V-day parade.

America had its 20 years of being the leader of the world, and demonstrated that it sucks at running the planet: wrecking small nations with wars and revolutions, antagonizing big nations by hypocrisy and double standarts, etc. Russia will now take the helm, along with China, India and other emergent powers, to build a multi-polar system.

Intelligent Americans need to understand that the world can only be multi-polar, and uni-polar empire-building is a pointless affair that only ruins America itself by massive debt and spread of anti-Americanism.

Surprisingly, Glenn Beck had it right:

Many of the points Vladimir Frolov brought up are valid and I will be touching on some of them. The other item that you should take out of the comments listed above, is the pride Russians now have and the increased popularity of Vladimir Putin within the Russian Federation.

As of this writing President Obama has an approval rating of 41% within America¬†and Vladimir Putin has 71% approval rating within the Russian Federation. If the American Empire’s goal is to make Vladimir Putin less popular, we need to stop because that program is a failure of epic proportions.

The point of view from¬†Glenn Beck, within Vladimir Frolov’s quote, is¬†incorrect. The American citizens stood against¬†involvement within the Syrian civil war, it had nothing to do with the Russians. It was the strength of the American citizens, not the weakness of the American Empire.

What needs to be brought forward is the debt that the West is carrying in proportion to the debt that the BRIC nations are carrying. Below are some images from The Economist concerning the debt issue:

Public Debt As Percentage of GDP:


As you can see above the Western Nations are buried in debt while the BRIC nations are holding their own.

The next image is Public Debt Per Person:

As you look over this image, it is even worse for the West, than it is for the BRIC nations. I understand the argument that the BRIC nations have a much larger population but that is the point. They are better situated to handle large debt by population than the American Empire is.

The American Empire and it’s NATO allies need to become one with the mentality that a World War either militarily or most likely economic is not in the best interest of their countries.

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Mike Dodd

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