How Many People Would We Need To Colonize Another Earth?

Various companies are working to settle on other planets. How long would it take and what issues would we face along the way?

Earth-Like Planet Discovered! What You Need To Know –¬†https://youtu.be/NIz42cy0vLQ¬†
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Estimation of a genetically viable population for multigenerational interstellar voyaging
“Designing interstellar starships for human migration to exoplanets requires establishing the starship population, which factors into many variables including closed-ecosystem design, architecture, mass and propulsion.”

How We Could Visit the Possibly Earth-Like Planet Proxima b
“A potentially Earth-like planet has been discovered orbiting a star located right next door to the sun. Should humanity try to send a probe there as soon as possible?”

Inbreeding shaped the course of human evolution
“Talk about an inauspicious beginning. For thousands of years our ancestors lived in small, isolated populations, leaving them severely inbred, according to a new genetic analysis. The inbreeding may have caused a host of health problems, and it is likely that small populations were a barrier to the development of complex technologies.”


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