AMTV – TRANSHUMAN: Quantum Computing to Grant Immortality by 2035

This video is from Christopher Greene of AMTV, it addresses the fear of Transhumanism and Quantum Computing for the general public. It is an interesting video to watch, so give it a gander and I will have comments below.

This video has some recurring themes, first of all, I guess most futurists / transhumanists are supposed to worship at the Google Hall of Ray Kurzweil. I find it amusing, but it does provide a problem and that problem is fear.

You can never turn your back on people who are genuinely afraid.  This is the problem of dumbing down the population, it gives rise to ignorance. When you have a mix of fear, science fiction terms and movies; people take those terms and movies as fact, it gives futurists / transhumanists problems.

It is coming to a point when we as futurists / transhumanists will need to provide an educational campaign to explain some core concepts and core reality of what can / may be possible in the future. These discussions needs to be handled in a manner that can satisfy the fear and hopefully remove the ignorance from the greater population.

At no point do I believe that you will have 100% buy in from anyone outside of the futurist / transhumanist community, that should not be the goal. The goal is to remove these foolish concepts that science fiction movies and science fiction terms apply in reality to what futurists / transhumanists actually believe.

I often joke that Google is going to become Skynet, but that is a joke and not something for the society at large to believe as being true. The futurist / transhumanist communities will have ethical issues to address but it is far from what the video above is portraying.

Mike Dodd

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