Flat Earth – 21 Questions

Editors Note: This is by and far the best conspiracy theory porn, I have seen in years. It is epic and ties every single conspiracy theory known and unknown to mankind, all wrapped in the Flat Earth theory. Then to top it off, it adds anti-religion and anti-Semitism at the same time, with a music video at the end. Obviously, we do not approve of the content or conclusions of the video. If you are easily offended, please do not watch the video. If you are an awakened person, it is a good watch, mainly to understand not all awakened people are sane. Always do your due diligence and research.

A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to 21 of the most frequently asked questions about flat earth. Journey through the list from beginning to end while all the “loose ends” are tied up by the time it’s over. Share with you friends, family and loved ones. The earth is most definitely flat and it is important for us to understand. 

21 Questions:
01. Where’s the edge?
02. Where does the sun go if the earth is flat?
03. What’s underneath the flat earth?
04. What about ships & boats disappearing over the horizon?
05. What about all the pictures of the earth?
06. Why are all the other planets round?
07. What about satellites and GPS?
08. Is outer space even real?
09. How is circumnavigation possible on flat earth?
10. How come the moon is upside down in the southern hemisphere?
11. What about seasons?
12. What about gravity?
13. What about the Coriolis Effect?
14. Why can’t I see infinitely far?
15. Is the flat earth a religious thing?
16. Is the flat earth society behind the resurgence of the flat earth?
17. Are all scientists, pilots and members of the government in on it?
18. NASA isn’t the only space agency. Are all the others in on it?
19. Well then who’s responsible for this deception?
20. Why the lie?
21. What’s it mean if the earth is flat?

Narrated & Produced by ODD TV
with an original soundtrack.

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Special thanks to John Armstrong, Amandha, Gurly Truther, UncleR3mus & Dave P for sending your answers to my email. 

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