D. Helene is a journalist, author and yoga teacher. She did an investigative series on the squeezing of the middle class and then started feeling squeezed herself, when during the recession she lost her full-time writing job and had to cobble together several part-time jobs. As a writer, she started writing down several fictional, humorous anecdotes about what it’s like to live as one of the 99%, (those of us who work for a living)… never imagining that someday they would be woven together in her first novel. She gathered these fictional anecdotes while she was writing her first book, a non-fiction biography. Once that was published, she was inspired to string these anecdotes together into this novel, Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression, which details a year in the lives of a fictional couple living in Orange County, trying to make ends meet during the recession.