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Wild Life Refuge Drama – Wave Chronicle Announcement

An article appeared on Club of Info  mentioning an article from Thomas L Knapp, regarding the taking of a wild life refuge federal building in Oregon. If offered lukewarm support to the individuals currently protesting inside of the buildings. You can read that article here.

The Wave Chronicle does not endorse the article written by our fellow Mont Order members, Club of Info and Thomas L Knapp. The behavior by the armed individuals who are protesting inside a Federal Building is illegal and abhorrent behavior that should never be tolerated in a civilized society.  

America has issues with some individuals who believe that federal employees are a threat to the general population. That federal employees have some evil twisted goal to serve a particular cabal. It is a fairy tale that needs to come to an end.

Federal employees, like employees of any corporation or family business, look to go to work and do their job, without the threat of violence. In a civilized society, no one should have to deal with that on a day in day out basis.

These armed individuals made themselves a threat to society, when they made the decision to arm themselves and protest within a federal building. This is an unacceptable threat. These threats lead to future events that are far more violent. History has a tend to repeat itself.

Austin Suicide Attack

Oklahoma City Bombing

I am disappointed with the response from the State of Oregon and the FBI. It shows a disrespect to federal employees everywhere. If people want to protest, they can do so outside, either at the refuge or at the land owner in question. No one should be armed for a civil disobedience exercise.


Mike Dodd

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