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The Treasonous And Criminal Actions That Caused The Russian Federation Fighter Downing

I have seen many things in my life. I did not believe that a NATO Member Nation would fire upon a non-aggressive Russian Fighter Bomber. I did not think that a NATO Member Nation would violate the Geneva Convention and shoot an ejected pilot from a plane that should never have been shot down in the first place.

Then the behavior of Turkey, who was the idiot NATO member who shot down the Russian Federation war plane is beyond the pale. First, you show a video of the Russian Federation Fighter Bomber being shot down, then you show a video of the pilot who ejected getting shot and killed, then the topper; the crème de la crème you show a video of the American made TOW missile system being used to down a Russian Federation helicopter on a rescue mission to find the second missing pilot.

I am not necessarily Pro Russian Federation or Anti American. That being said, what on the Gods Green Earth is happening at the US State Department and NATO? It does not require a single brain cell to understand that the Russian Federation plane, whether it was in another airspace or not, NEVER should have been shot down. You communicate before you take action, so you talk first, you talk second, you talk third and you keep talking to ensure that NATO planes and Russian Federation planes do not get shot down over these operations in Syria.

I do not give a damn what the idiots in Turkey were doing. American lives, American Technology, and American Military Hardware should not be in the hands of the terrorists and the Free Syrian Army are terrorists.

What happened in Syria with the Russian Federation Plane being shot down is criminal, it should be considered treasonous.

American Lives, American Technology and American Military Hardware should not be used so Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family can benefit from the illegal oil trade. The US Government and NATO Nation Member States should do an investigation into how this could have been allowed to happen and punish everyone who is involved, no matter who or where they are.

The US Congress is more than capable of starting the process of treason for the illegal use of US Weaponry. NATO nations need to stand up and work on the process of removing the criminal NATO nation-state of Turkey.

Mike Dodd

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