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Transhumanism Gone Wrong – Will You Worship the AI God?

For some time now, we have an urgent need to focus on our messaging within our Transhumanist community. We also need to focus on the messaging we provide to people outside of our community as well. Below is a video by TruthStream Media, who has taken our messages and put them successfully into a video to make Transhumanists look like Megalomaniacs.

I do not blame Truthstream Media for the information that is being put forward. They are not creating #FAKENEWS, it is our words and they are not even twisting our words, which makes this even worse than what it is.

As Transhumanists, we get overly excited about technology breakthroughs and we get excited about possible breakthroughs in the future. Then as people tend to do, we extrapolate those views into a future. The issue is that we take these mentalities and go hog wild with them and then try to project these advanced theories of nothingness onto the general public and then the general public look at us like we are insane.

The issue is not the views of the general public, those views are simply based on information that we as Transhumanists are putting forward without thinking everything through. The information we are putting forward is not fact-checked, it is not thought through. It is wild propaganda that is unfit to be put forward.

Just one example, that is played out in the video above, Artificial Intelligence. We know as Transhumanists, that today, we do not have AI, we are not even close. All of you know this simple fact to be true but every single one of you talks about it like it has already happened and the Singularity is going to happen any second.

Another example, Quantum Computers, we know that they really do not exist. Yes, you have a slew of countries and companies keep telling us it is true, we know it is a lie. Be honest, if you look at the operating temperatures alone tells you that these computers are not feasible long term. This is not the only issue of Quantum Computers just the most obvious to a blind man. To make matters worse is that we have no clue how to build Quantum Databases, which is the real big jump in computers processing of real data.

As Transhumanists, we need to be the smartest people in the room. We need less propaganda and to stop making Transhumanist agendas into a caricature.

Mike Dodd

I have a wide range of views and opinions. I have worked in a number of industries some of them are: Banking, Dairy, Health Insurance, Education and Government. I am the owner and editor in charge of a number of websites and message boards. The crown jewel of the websites is WaveChronicle.com which covers a wide variety of content. The Wave Chronicle is a site built to put forth thought provoking information, which can range from activism, politics, technology, philosophy, climate change, education, futurist / transhumanist theory and some fun articles that tend to be on the conspiracy theory side. Finally, I am also an accomplished no limit holdem poker player who sadly does not see enough time at a poker table.

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