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Newsbud And Sibel Edmonds Jumping Off The Deep End

Editors Note: The drama queen know as Sibel Edmonds and her news organization Newsbud has gone way off the deep end. Sibel (Truth in Labeling) is on a crusade against journalistsĀ Vanessa Beeley &Ā Eva Bartlett concerning “Syria” related issues. This is very sick and very troubling because Sibel Edmonds has led the lemmings way over the cliff of insanity. It is embarrassing for Sibel Edmonds and she cannot help herself.

What I am going to tell you is that all individuals have issues and every once in a while people will take issues way too far, for no good reason. Sibel Edmonds has done good work, Newsbud has done good work and that should be remembered. You cannot blindly trust anyone. You should not blindly trust me, or anyone else I put on this site. I do my best to be truthful and hope that the people I put on this site are doing the same.

As a viewer, you should always verify any information you receive, do the background work, make sure you are not being given a tainted version of events or information. Below is a video that James Corbett had to do, to cover the Sibel Edmonds / Newsbud drama. I sadly watched all of it and it is fair in the coverage of everyone involved.

No honor has been gained by anyone in these events. That is all.


James fact checks Newsbud’s recent “Syria Under Siege” video and comes to some unfortunate conclusions.

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