Do Not Fear The AI

As of late, I have seen a number of articles listing some fear of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The fear is based on some concept that the AI will magically become some kind of demon or devil and go all wrong. The worst part of this, is that some key scientists and futurists are signing onto this madness.


The two latest and greatest “talking heads” is Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. Both of them basically speak from the same mindset, that AI can get beyond the control of mere humans who created them. The one consistent mentality tied to the fear is how humans will fail from some unknown and not provable risk.

What annoys me about this, is that no one to date can list what the issue is with the AI. You have no fact’s to back up the fear. It is more of be afraid for the sake of being afraid. The only example, I have seen given to date is a “Terminator” series of movies. Listen, like most futurists, I tease Google by stating they are Skynet. It is a JOKE, it is not meant to be taken seriously. The “Terminator” movies are just that, a MOVIE. It is not some scientific text book that you should be following. Believing in a false or made up fear is insanity and should be treated medically with counseling and medication, if necessary.

The other end of this and let’s be completely honest, do we really have AI right now. We may have some advanced programming that may mimic AI, but let’s be realistic, AI does not exist right now. Do we have a computerized system that will act completely and utterly on it’s own on an area that it was not programmed to be involved in. My answer is no, maybe in some hidden lab, maybe it is a different answer, but I doubt it.

Before people look to pass some fake fear onto you. Make them prove why we need to be afraid, why we need to take precautions, and why we need to alter what we are doing. If proof of the fear cannot be given, then we need to move forward from the luddites.

Personally, I hope the “talking heads”, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking can come forth with real proof, not just fears based on a movie series.




Mike Dodd

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