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Wave Chronicle Moving Forward August 2014

Our site has been blessed with solid guest authors and hard work being carried out by the sites staff, friends and allies. The site is wildly successful, we have a solid following even in the summer months. All of which has come as a pleasant surprise.

This success gives the Wave Chronicle the opportunity to push new content and to promote new and upcoming authors and idealists. We are looking for more guest authors, we want any and all work regarding our core topics. Our core topics are: Futurism, Transhumanism, Politics, Education, Technology, Climatology, Activism, and the Economy. The Wave Chronicle does not care if you are a liberal, a conservative, or anything in between. Feel free to use the following link to upload your article.

We are looking to add to the staff. We need authors and editors, please send us your information using the following link. If you are an organization, blogger, idealist but want to add your content to the site as part of the staff, we can accommodate you.


The one issue we have is content that will bring women to the website. Our analytics dictate that we own the male 23 – 34 market and we own it utterly and completely. Sadly, we hover around only 10% of the women who visit the website and that does not matter by age. This is a major problem that has to be fixed. We are going to gear topics to the female demographic moving forward but anyone who has ideas, suggestions or want to help us with that issue please contact us.


Eventually, we will look to gear our core topics to specific days. Through the month of August and going forward, you will find educational videos and content posted each and every Saturday.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys the ride that the Wave Chronicle has provided and strive to do more while you still can.'


I am the administrator for The Chronicle. All posts in my name are Wave Chronicle announcements. Please forward all comments and requests to me. [email protected]

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