The Secrets of Silicon Valley

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES:… Once a sleepy farming region, Silicon Valley is now the hub of a global industry that is transforming the economy, shaping our political discourse, and changing the very nature of our [...]

The Futurist New Deal For America

US Transhumanist Party candidate for President, Johannon Ben Zion has a futurist new deal for America. This concept stoked my interest when I was listening to the debate between all of the US Transhumanist Party [...]

Fighting For Germany – Naomi Seibt

Naomi’s YouTube:… Naomi’s Facebook:… GET MY NEW BOOK: Audiobook:… Regular Copy: Subscribe to my Newsletter: Support me via PayPal: FOLLOW: Twitter: Facebook:… Instagram:… Goodreads:… Naomi [...]


After six months on the ground, I’m thrilled to present #Borderless, the biggest & most comprehensive documentary ever made on the European border crisis. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who [...]

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The Great Secret of Water – Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

Our efforts can be supported by visiting and Links: Pollack Laboratory: Institute for Venture Science: IVS PDF: Water Bridge: Article about the Discovery: TEDx Talk: Pollack Laboratory Vimeo: […]


The Musk of Mars

Author : Armand Vespertine Here we are at the dawn of private space flight, and it seems we’re going to Mars. There’s already the Mars One project, which plans to send 4 people to Mars in […]

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