Seattle Is Dying

KOMO’s Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in “Seattle is Dying.” Read more or watch at… Guest AuthorAll Guest Author Posts [...]

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Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Grand Solar Minimum

Don’t Miss Part 1 – Earth’s Magnetic Flip | Dire Situation: Start Your Learning About the Magnetic Reversal: For a ton of great videos, click our name and […]


Do Not Fear The AI

As of late, I have seen a number of articles listing some fear of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The fear is based on some concept that the AI will magically become some kind of demon or […]


TRIVIA: Singularity Collision

Our Book, OBSERVING THE FRONTIER (Digital Download – PDF) Observing the Frontier Conference: Phoenix: Solar Alerts on Twitter: Good Videos/Articles: The Sun is Going to Sleep: […]

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