Deeper Dive Into Bill Gates

In this video, I cover who Bill was AFTER Microsoft–this includes biographical information as well as philanthropic achievements. Sources are always pinned as top comment. Social Media Links: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: [...]

Who was Jeff Bezos Before Amazon?

“Who was Jeff Bezos before Amazon” details Jeff Bezos’ family, childhood, and life before Amazon. Patreon: Subscribe For More – What the Media Wont Tell You – Please subscribe to my backup [...]

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

This is a video about the philanthropic billionaire, Bill Gates. We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question “Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?” [...]

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The Beauty of Nothingness – TJOP

A great video put together by The Journey of Purpose. More information on Alan Watts please visit the following sites: Alan Watts.Org  Alan Watts.Com Mike DoddI have a wide range of views and opinions. I […]

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