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Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option in Asia

March 19, 2017 0
Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option for Korea., and Blood: The ISIS Promise for China. And the world’s ultimate WMD. First, The United States is publicly and painfully grappling with its North Korea policy options: war or [...]

Israeli Spying In The US: A Brief History

March 7, 2017 0
SHOW NOTES AND TRANSCRIPT: The knowledge that Israeli-connected companies and intelligence agents have been involved in detailed and elaborate spying operations in the US is of course nothing new. The phenomenon has been painstakingly documented [...]

The Economy Is At An Odd Place Right Now

March 3, 2017 0
The economy in the USA is in a very odd place. Since the 2016 elections, the stock market has gone straight up, with no market correction. The Federal Reserve is determined to raise interest rates [...]

How The CIA Lets In The Terrorists

February 28, 2017 0
SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO: J. Michael Springmann of joins us to discuss his new book, Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts that rocked the world. We discuss Springmann’s experience at the U.S. consulate in [...]

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Biological Machines – Singularity Utopia

March 5, 2015 0

National Review published an article stating artificially intelligent computers would merely be machines. The author of the article doesn’t realise how biotech-synbio shows us DNA is a machine. Humans and all other biological life-forms are […]


“Stateless Strength” The Answer: L’Ordre

November 25, 2015 0

Originally Published By Club Of Info. The extracts here are from a commentary issued by L’Ordre on the subject of the Mont Order as a model information club. In the extracts, the Order’s strengths are […]


Mont Order Feb 2015 Conference – Arab Spring Discussion

March 25, 2015 0

A breakdown of the Arab Spring discussion from the Mont Order Feb 2015 Conference. Mont Order public participants on Beliefnet:… “The State of Zero State” by Dirk Bruere at the Wave Chronicle: The Wave Chronicle […]

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