Why the Big Bang Definitely Happened – Space Time

How physics lets us rewind time to the beginning of the universe.

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We pretty much know for sure that the universe was once extremely small, and extremely hot. And we know that something set it in motion, expanding rapidly and continuing to do-so today. But the actual moment of ‘the Big Bang’ is still a bit of a grey area within physics. The theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics disagree on this pivotal “beginning of time,” and physicists continue to search for an all-encompassing theory to unify the study of our universe. On this week’s Space Time, we begin to discuss the current state of the Big Bang Theory, and where it could go from here.


Overview of Big Bang theory

Timeline of the Big Bang

MinutePhysics made a truly superb video on what the Big Bang really is:

Kurzgesagt does a great job describing some of the events of the very early universe:



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