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Egypt Must Move Forward At Any Cost

Originally Published on RedWolf’s Hall August 18th, 2013

The situation in Egypt is ugly and the hall does not condone violence against civilians.

Sadly, the Egyptian military must continue to move forward and if that means you have to attack theĀ Muslim Brotherhood, then that is exactly what needs to be done.

This is the time to take the nation of Egypt forward and into the future. The Muslim Brotherhood are regressives, the sole purpose of their islamist organization is to drag the nation of Egypt back to the dark ages. The people of Egypt, need to move forward and need to remove the decay that plagueā€™s this the nation as a whole.

The people of Egypt and the military whose task is to keep them safe, must remove the people who want to regress the nation back to the stone age. Those people are not your people, they are no more Egyptian than I am. The Muslim Brotherhood does not honor the peopleĀ of Egypt and they do not honor the past or future of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood honors one thing and that one thingĀ is Islam and that is not Egypt.

As an American, the leaders of my nation is doing nothing to actually help or support the people of Egypt. The leaders of my nation has one purpose and that is to control Egypt and for Egypt to do itā€™s bidding. What I will tell each and every one of you Egyptians, either civilian or military. The leaders of the United States are not your friend and they are not your allies. The leaders of my nation do not represent the people of my nation, who they are supposed to serve and sadly that is not going to change for a minimum ofĀ 3 years.

As a citizen of the United States, I am sorry we cannot do more to help you. I am sorry that the leadership of my nation cares more about the endless pursuit of war, than it does about the rights, the hopes and the advancement of the Egyptian people who have been our allies for many years.

My words to the military and citizens of Egypt is the following:

Do not stop the purge of The Muslim Brotherhood, they are not Egyptian, they are foreign invaders, looking to force foreign ideals to drag the people of Egypt back to the stone age.

Ignore the leaders of the West, either Europe or America, sadly for the time being, they are not your allies.

You must move military forces toĀ the Suez Canal and Sumed Pipeline,Ā it is the two key items that you hold over the Western powers. If the West threatens to move against the people of Egypt or its military, you must be willing to follow through on removing both the Suez Canal and Sumed Pipeline from the world. It is a gamble but it is the only cards you have that will scare the current grouping of Western leaders.

You also need to remove Western embassies from Egypt, since those embassies areĀ not your allies, I wish that factĀ would be different, but those embassies are in placeĀ to control the people of Egypt and itā€™s political process. The political process must be determined by the people of Egypt and not from foreign invaders.

The military of Egypt must settle matters sooner and not latter.Ā Do not prolong the process of removing the Muslim Brotherhood, do it now and be done with it. Hopefully, it can be done peacefully, which would be preferred. Those people who want to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, should reside in Islamist Nations instead of living in a futurist nation of Egypt.

Once the military has settled the Muslim Brotherhood situation, a new constitution must be formed before democratic elections can be held. You must have a constitution first and then have the elections. I am not going to give you some example of what that constitution should be, the people of Egypt has to seize the day and make the constitution that all people who want to be part of Egypt can live under and that includesĀ  the military. Let real Egyptians make the rules for all Egyptians to live under. I know folks will not like the word ā€œrealā€ but how many foreign invaders, either the West or Islamists are going to tell Egyptians how to live?

I am sorry to not be more helpful than that, I wish my nation would be more helpful to you, sadly Egypt is on its own and I truly hope that the people of Egypt will fight and win its freedom from all the foreign invaders.

Strive to do more, instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.


Mike Dodd

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