A Message to the Environmental Movement – Corbett Report

I have come across two videos from the Corbett Report that fit well together. One is a warning to the various environmental movements and the other is some damning lies being told by the global warming community. I know that global warming is a hot button issue, but watch the videos and pay attention. I am not telling you that the videos are perfect and I am not telling you that global warming is 100% wrong.

What I am telling you is to pay attention to what is actually being done by your government. Does it makes sense for politicians to use environmental issues as a campaign ploy. Does it makes sense to skew number on global warming to make sense of the crap that has come out of the mouths of politicians.

Know why events happen, and know when to stand against people who are not on your team, although they are wearing your teams colors.

Enjoy the two videos and think, instead of jumping to conclusions.

Mike Dodd

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