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Technohumanist International: Placing Humanity, Science and Rationality first.

Author: Marcus Engvall

After being on the Internet for a while, I’ve seen the futurist parties come and go, some of them have sizable supporter bases but sometimes they just fizzle and vanish from existence. After a few days of scribbling on notepads, coding websites and thinking, I decided that it’s time someone took charge and create a political party that actually serious about its goals. Thus, Technohumanist International (TH-I) was born. Our organization is currently at its very early stages and we don’t have much of a supporter base compared to movements like the WAVE Movement and Zero State, however, we are growing and members are registering and participating on the forums every day.

Technohumanist International is not like any other political party, it’s an organization that places rationality first. As in, we don’t align ourselves with any political ideology. Instead, we take the most straightforward and rational solution. We believe in science and progress, that science should receive greater funding from governments all over the world and that advancing humanity and society should be a top priority.

Perhaps the most important value we have is humanism. Humans are nearly 99.9 percent identical, yet we divide ourselves into nationalities and races. We believe that the views on nationality and race should be changed from the ground up and that we are the same no matter where we come from. Humanist ideals and global unity are priorities for Technohumanist International.

If you’re interested in reading more or even joining, feel free to visit our website.

If you’re interested in reading more about TH-I, then visit our website.

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