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Remember Who We Are

I have seen a number of posts and comments from Transhumanists putting economy over lives during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

This mentality is not who we are. We hold life as the highest endeavour and it is to be fought for to the bitter end. We do not bow to the Economic Elitists because the costs are too high. I am going to point out some of the finer points from Zero State, a group that existed some time ago that gave birth to a vast number of Transhumanist leaders of today.

The Way Of The Sea

Personal liberty and equality of opportunity are of paramount importance within the Sea and always apply insofar as such freedoms do not reduce the freedoms of others, whether deliberately or accidentally.

At no point does this say that the opportunity is based on whether it is economically viable. The economics are not important. It is life and it will always be life.

Many times I have mentioned the possible failures of the New World Order Economy. If the manufacturing base fails, then the manufacturing base for the world fails. Which is exactly what has happened.

This is a picture of China, the carbon emissions when the manufacturing base was working and then the carbon emissions when the manufacturing base was closed. If you are an environmentalist, you are pleased. Mother Earth is coming back to normal. If you are a Transhumanist, this is a horrifying image because this is a clear indication that the production of means is next to zero.

Because the New World Order Economy uses China as the main manufacturing hub, this means that medications, medical equipment, and all kinds of items we need right now to fight this pandemic are DOWN. This is why you cannot put all of your eggs in one basket. I covered this in the following article from my alternative site Dark Aegir.

The Chinese Virus – COVID-19

We need to make changes to how our global economy is going to work in the future. I do not believe we will ever go back to the way that we were. I personally would not be shocked if we go back to a non-global economy. I would also not be shocked that we keep the social distancing agenda for many years to come. This is a society changing moment that we are living in right now.

We have values and we have a solid group of beliefs that value life. We as Transhumanists cannot abandon these solid values to save an economy that does not honour our ways, or thinking or how we want the future of our people to be.

Mike Dodd

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