Scientists Just Got One Step Closer to Solving an Antarctic Mystery

Giant holes in the Antarctic, called polynyas, have baffled scientists for years. But now with the help of seals and robots, they might have the answers to these mysterious phenomena.

A Dead Satellite Is Unlocking the Secrets Lurking Beneath Antarctica

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Mysterious Hole in Antarctic Sea Ice Explained by Robots and Seals…
“These seals are especially helpful to scientists studying Antarctica because they regularly dive around 600 meters below the ocean surface, and sometimes surpass 2,000 meters of depth.”

“Polynyas are large, persistent regions of open water and thin ice that occur within much thicker pack ice, at locations where climatologically, thick pack ice would be expected.”

Sea Ice Features : Polynyas…
“Polynyas are also important resources for wildlife. They provide access between the ocean and atmosphere for a variety of animals, including seals and penguins.

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