There Are Gravity Pulses Hiding in the Universe’s Most MASSIVE Stars

Blue supergiant stars some of the hottest, biggest young stars in the universe, and their molten cores can reveal more about the formation of everything.

How Scientists Found the Universe’s First Type of Molecule –

Blue supergiant stars open doors to a concert in space…
“Stars come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Some stars are similar to our Sun and live calmly for billions of years. More massive stars, those born with ten times or more the mass of the Sun, live significantly shorter and active lives before they explode and expel their material into space in what is called a supernova. Blue supergiants belong to this group. Before they explode, they are the metal factories of the universe, as these stars produce most chemical elements beyond helium in the Periodic Table of Mendeleev.”

Low-frequency gravity waves in blue supergiants revealed by high-precision space photometry…
“The discovery of pulsation modes or an entire spectrum of low-frequency gravity waves in these stars allow us to map the evolution of hot massive stars towards the ends of their lives. Future asteroseismic modelling will provide constraints on ages, core masses, interior mixing, rotation and angular momentum transport. The discovery of variability in blue supergiants is a step towards a data-driven empirical calibration of theoretical evolution models for the most massive stars in the Universe.”

Gravitational Waves…
Though gravitational waves were predicted to exist in 1916, definitive proof of their existence wouldn’t exist until 1974, 20 years after Einstein’s death. In that year, two astronomers using the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico discovered a binary pulsar. This was exactly the type of system that, according to general relativity, should radiate gravitational waves. Knowing that this discovery could be used to test Einstein’s audacious prediction, astronomers began measuring how the stars’ orbit changed over time.

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