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The Welcome Crypto-Currency Crash

The ongoing crash in the Crypto-Currency Market is a breath of fresh air. I am sorry for the innocent people who are getting burned to a crisp but this crash is a necessary evil for a long list of reasons. The main benefit of this crash will be the institutional investors should be gone and simply that is the most awesome thing that could happen for the Crypto-Currency Market.

A number of the institutional investors and the strip miners have a negative impact on the Crypto-Currency markets. These two factions are not in the business to benefit Crypto-Currencies but to extract the maximum amount of profit from the venture. This is something I have said for years, mind you, not a single soul has listened to me, but it has been and will continue to be a simple honest truth. If Crypto is the survive the apocalypse, changes will have to be made.

The Wave Chronicle Plan:

  • Limit the ability to purchase Crypto-Currency with Fiat Bank Currency.
  • Limit the ability of Strip Miners to acquire new coins.
  • Expand new coin creation to Payment Processors, and Store Keepers who will only accept Crypto-Currency.
  • Work together to provide independent and secure technology for Corporations, Individuals, and Governments to use, monitor, spend, and distribute coin.
  • Focus on the goal of using Crypto-Currency for fast and simple purchases.

Obviously, this is not going to be a well-received plan. The negative institutions and individuals are not going to like a plan that moves coins from the fiat currency markets. Those people being unhappy is the single most important thing that the Crypto-Currency Market could do to save itself from destruction.

The other issue that people are going to have is the Coin Miners. I am sorry but the majority of them have to go. They offer nothing to the Crypto-Market because they have an unhealthy parasitic relationship for the coins they harvest.  Coin Miners have done nothing but take the coin and sell the coin for fiat currency and that does nothing beneficial for the Crypto-Currency Markets. The current Coin Miner motto is listed below in a Gordon Gekko Quote and that motto has outlived its usefulness.

Now, if these Coin Miners want to move to Payment Processors, that would be beneficial and would support the process of using Crypto-Currency for fast and simple payments.

If you are watching Crypto-Currency videos and those videos are talking to you like you are buying gold, silver, stocks, and options, that is the problem. Those people and that thinking are negative and unhealthy if you have a goal of using Crypto for purchasing power and limiting the ability of Fiat banks to supply those payments.

Strive to do more while you still can.


Mike Dodd

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