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The Dark Secret These Corporations Are Hiding From You

“Where there is dark, there is light.”

The Dark Secret These Corporations Are Hiding From You.

Excerpt: You live in a world of drug dealers. Only the drugs can be bought legally, and are perfectly priced to prevent you from inquiring into other areas. Your society exhibits a wealth of negative side effects from these drugs. Yet the bulk of your population still continues to use our products, even after they’ve shown themselves to be harmful. You live in a population that continues to grow more restless, agitated, and depressed, in part from eating our goodies and treats. Treats that are called “superstimuli” as the stimulus it produces inside your brain vastly exceeds the natural stimuli humans received throughout evolution, from natural foods.

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THE ENDING EXPLAINED: I don’t feel totally comfortable telling you my intention with the ending. But I also don’t want people to leave with the idea that it meant nothing.

This video showcased the dark side of humanity. The ending, however, represents and reminds us that “where there is dark, there is light” and that we can be saved from our deepest turmoils.  The line “there’s a man going around saying he can save people” could be interpreted as a hero, or even a moral savior (I’ve got two in mind). When Neivel says “it only opens from the inside” referencing the door, this is a metaphor for how the deepest spiritual experiences can only be attained when we stop grasping what’s outside of us and look inside “the other side” for “salvation.” The “to be continued” isn’t actually a reference to a second part but to the continuing journey of true, self-actualization. There’s a lot more. But I’ll leave it here, for now.

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