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More Scary Charts:
Magnetic Reversal: http://www.magneticreversal.org

Indecision-of-interest and imagination in the face of persistence and competence has created a resume that isn’t good for anything other than interdisciplinary research:
Aced Math SAT section (800), twice.
Law degree, clerked in Supreme Court of Ohio.
Due diligence point, $20-$75M Opportunities.
Created most-watched heliophsyics show on earth.
Made successful earthquake prediction model.
Two books, two peer-reviewed geophysics papers.
+60 Subscribed emails ending in,,, etc.
No loyalty to anything but my family and the people watching.
My capital “exposure” here is limited to what I’ve spent on food, water and other preparations.
I admit to pre-existing bias: I am very short on the entire pile of blocks.That doesn’t change the facts.

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