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The Snowden Issue – Surveillance States of America Edition

The Snowden interview with NBC News Anchor: Brian Williams brought forth a bunch of issues.

The interview exposed more lies and deceit from the people who are running the Surveillance States of America.

Personally, I had no problem with Snowden being a low level employee, but finding out that he was not, did shock me. It makes no sense, considering everything that Snowden has leaked, why lie about this issue. Do you think that Snowden being a low level employee makes it better than Snowden being a high level employee? The fact that Snowden ate your lunch, screwed your mate, and then ate your dinner afterwards, should have convinced you to be honest and open. Of course that was not the case, so your decision is to keep lying till the problem goes away.

This is the main problems that the  Surveillance States of America is having:

  • Awakened citizens do not believe what they are being fed by either the government or the media.
  • The zombies citizens in America are slowly turning into Awakened citizens.
  • The congressional representatives in Awakened areas of America are questioning what they are being told.
  • Alternative media sites are winning the day at getting unbiased news out to the American public.
  • The main stream media is tired of losing to alternative media sites.
  • The main stream media is afraid of losing control, without control, they have no power.
  • It also does not help that the BRIC nations are rising to challenge the American Empire.

What alternative media sites and Awakened citizens need to do at this point is the following:

  • Alternative media sites need to push harder and form broad based alliances.
  • Work as a coalition to push “the truth” to the Awaken citizens.
  • Awakened citizens need to support and promote the various alternative media sites.
  • Awakened citizens need to pass their concerns to their elected politicians. Only work on your own elected officials in your area.
  • The more vocal Awakened citizens become, the more pressure you put on the officials running the Surveillance States of America.
  • Work harder at dragging the zombie citizens to becoming Awakened citizen. We need more articles that explains issues in simple terms, remember Americans on average only read at a 7th grade level, so plan accordingly.
  • Do not give up hope and this is for alternative media sites and Awakened citizens, you are going to lose some battles and that is something that needs to be accepted by everyone. Just because we may lose a battle does not mean that we have lost the war, it just means we will all have to work harder as a collective.
  • The other end is to have faith and stay strong and stay positive. Negativity and violence is what the Surveillance States of America wants.

As always folks, stay true to yourselves, work hard, stay positive, and strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.

Mike Dodd

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