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TechnoProgressive Iconography – Zero State and Public Use Logos

The political arm of Zero State  is defined as a Techno-Progressive political party or organization. As such, its defining characteristic is the belief in the use of science, technology and rationality applied to government in order to achieve desired social aims through evidence based policy. We would also like to ensure that elected officials are not (as is generally the case at present) scientifically illiterate. Our modern society is, after all, unique in history because of the power with which science has imbued it. 

However, this article does not primarily concern definitions but the logos we have decided to use, and especially the basic logo we created for the Techno-Progressive political movement as a whole. This is largely because although various organizations have their own iconography there appears to be no common overarching theme. So, simply presented here it is –  a ring of 12 white stars on a black background. 

technoProgressiveLogo200 progressiveflagsq

The most elemental reasoning stems from the Transhumanist and Futurist cultures where we have the stars in the black of space – our ultimate destination. Politically star symbolism can be almost anything, as evidenced by some 25% of nations using it on their flags. Black is most often associated with anarchism, or lack of state control. Finally, the number 12, which has so many interpretations you might as well pick what you like from this list

However, we in the Zero State Consensus have emphasised the “progessive” by adding a red circle to the outside to illustrate our promise of “Nobody Deserted”.


Within the circles of any of the designs can be placed additional symbols or logos specific to TechnoProgressive organizations or even national flags.


Contact Zero State if you need higher resolution images for patches, TShirts etc.

Dirk Bruere

Attended Nottingham University and later what is now Westminster University, and has a BSc in Physics. Subsequently pursued a career in electronics and computer research and is a research engineer at Surface Measurement Systems. A founder member of Zero State (ZS) and a member of the Futurists Board of the Lifeboat Foundation. Founder of The Consensus in 2002CE, a political party with a core philosophy of Transhumanism, which has been influential in Zero State and the Wave. Other interests include the interface between technology and theology explored in the books TechnoMage and The Praxis, and was co-presenter of a UK radio show, OneTribe. Head of The Praxis, a ZS spiritual organization. For several years held the position of Branch Master in the World Shorinji Kempo Organization, teaching Zen and martial arts, although is now retired from a teaching role.

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