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Operation Olympic Games Is The Neo-Con Threat On Technology

If you have paid attention lately, you have heard the Neo-Cons talking about Russian Hacking and some comments regarding threats to the electrical grid. What I want you to understand is that they (The Neo-Cons) know exactly why a threat exists to Americas infrastructure. The reason why the Neo-Cons know is because they are responsible for creating and using the threat to attack infrastructure.

Operation Olympic Games / Stuxnet / Zero Days is the threat that the Neo-Cons built to the worlds infrastructure. In the documentary Zero Days it is alleged that the US Government created a malware to target industrial PLC’s under Operation Olympic Games. This was the infamous attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program. Which in turn brought you the Stuxnet virus when the malware became wild in the field of every day play.

If you wanted to go and down load this malware, you actually can quite easily. That is how far this problem has evolved, right now State, Non-State, Corporate, hackers, and individuals have access too and can adapt the malware as needed.

If you are a normal everyday citizen and you have no manufacturing or industrial experience and wonder why is this such a big deal, I am going to explain this to you in simple terms. Industrial PLC’s are not like your computer or laptop at home. These are for the most part dumb devices, basically, they do what the program that has been installed tells it to do. The industrial PLC’s has no real ability to figure out if the actions are good, bad or indifferent.

If your computer or laptop has an issue, like the hard drive is dying, a video card is failing, or a memory chip is failing, you normally get a message on the screen that a specific failure has happened or is happening. This on a basic level does not happen with industrial PLC’s. Industrial PLC’s accept inputs and then sends outputs based on the program that the PLC is running. The only check that happens is within the coding of the individual program that has been installed in the PLC.

The reason why the malware worked so well against the PLC’s was the fact that the malware would sit inside the software running the PLC and record data. At a specific period in the future, it would attack the system with inputs and outputs that would cause physical destruction of industrialized equipment, while still feeding old data to the PLC showing no fault condition (no safety issues) therefore the operators would not receive any warning of imminent failures.

This malware is a military weapon and it has been used against civilians (The Iranian Workers). Which in a civilized society, never should have happened, unless you are in a state of war. You may make an argument that this weapon should never have been used in any situation. Which will be a debate, I will advance at a later time and place.

So when a Neo-Con Scum Bag stands up on the main stream media and tells you our electrical grid is in danger from Russians or any other bogeymen, please remember it is the Neo-Cons that is the real threat. The Neo-Cons enabled the tools to be used against any government or organization. No bogeymen, just your tax dollars at work.


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