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The Ego And The Higher Self Played Out Through This Election

I am still in shock as I write this, so my post-game analysis will be colored by this.

My takeaway from this election is simply this: While I would like to chalk up Trump’s surprising victory to the political pendulum swinging back to the right, as it is wont to do after eight years of a liberal, enlightened, progressive president such as Barack Obama, it is so much more than that.

Anyone who’s spiritually aware – who’s read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now– knows about the contrast between the ego and the higher self. The ego is constantly creating  fear, paranoia, divisions, problems, etc. People who react to their ego think all this is real. They are in a constant state of fear and paranoia and lash out and blame others. The way to transcend the ego is to witness it, to watch from the higher self, see what the ego is doing, understand that’s precisely what our ego was made to do and under all circumstances, NOT  to react to it. To keep a calm sense of detachment. To honor the higher powers within us: love, grace, poise, equanimity, respect for others – absolute presence as Tolle called it.

Donald Trump represents the ego of our country: fear-based, blaming the Other, constantly lashing out with vitriolic attacks,  paranoid and divisive. Donald Trump as ego personified fanned the flames of all the paranoid egos across the country – mostly uneducated white men but unbelievably a lot of uneducated, ignorant women as well. His racism, misogyny,  vulgarity, his critical nature, his inflammatory comments  – all were in full view for all to see. He did nothing to hide his ego.

Hillary Clinton, while not perfect – no one is – represented the nation’s higher self. The calm, detached observer – who did not react to any of the ridiculous attacks against her. She embodies the divine feminine and would have continued Obama’s legacy of honoring women and the environment. She had all the requisite skills to become president based on her vast experience of helping others, especially children. She would have been more unifying – although again, not totally. This country is way too polarized for that. But she would have been a voice of reason, of sanity, of continued forward progress.

So, as a result of Trump’s victory, America continues to lurch forward and then take two steps backward. Trump’s poisonous anger, his lack of education, his ignorance, his bullying, arrogant manner is not what this country needs or deserves. The fact that now every branch of the government is controlled by Republicans is downright scary and beyond frustrating. Trump will reward his minions by giving them spots in his Cabinet and make the Supreme Court even more conservative, eradicating all the progress Obama made in the past eight years. So much for affordable healthcare for all, honoring and protecting the environment, fighting global warning and honoring diversity among our population.

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D Helene

D. Helene is a journalist, author and yoga teacher. She did an investigative series on the squeezing of the middle class and then started feeling squeezed herself, when during the recession she lost her full-time writing job and had to cobble together several part-time jobs. As a writer, she started writing down several fictional, humorous anecdotes about what it’s like to live as one of the 99%, (those of us who work for a living)… never imagining that someday they would be woven together in her first novel. She gathered these fictional anecdotes while she was writing her first book, a non-fiction biography. Once that was published, she was inspired to string these anecdotes together into this novel, Diary of a 99%-er: The Struggle Between Survival and Creative Expression, which details a year in the lives of a fictional couple living in Orange County, trying to make ends meet during the recession.

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