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Recent Breakthroughs Reveal Startling Possibility: Water is Everywhere

Author: Ben Davidson

In 1986, some scientists laughed as other scientists seriously pondered the existence of water on Mars. Today we know that there is ice, and even the potential for liquid water on the surface of Mars. That news made headlines, especially with the newest rover sending back close-up images and data from direct samples.

The vast majority of relevant and more-surprising information on the topic of extraplanetary water has managed to go under the radar. Additionally, breakthroughs in extreme-environment chemistry, astronomy, physics, and more have not yet been expressly interconnected to draw new hypothetical inferences about the nature of the universe, and the abundance of life.

In STARWATER, an educational documentary outlining the relevant research about water outside earth, we examine the wide range of places to find water, and why this is likely to be true everywhere. Would you believe that we have proof of water on every planet? We discovered permanent ice near the poles of Mercury, many moons of Jupiter and Saturn are icy spheres with liquid oceans beneath the surface, the centers of Neptune and Uranus are icy materials, and Pluto is mostly made of water ice.

That’s right, earth does not have the only liquid water oceans in the solar system, and Pluto is a ball of frozen water. It gets better…

We found water vapor in sunspots, in massive quantities in pre-planetary and pre-stellar nebulae, and surrounding black holes. We have even discovered some exoplanets that appear to have watery atmospheres, based on spectral emission. Surrounding our solar system, and other stars as well, we find a pseudo-shell of rocks and ice that mark the boundary of the solar wind. This icy shell explains a good deal of the water found in our solar system, and likely found in others. The solar wind has been discovered to contain nearly every known element, a startling revelation about elemental production, but it is mostly comprised of hydrogen and hydrogen ions.

Recent breakthroughs have shown that the solar wind can liberate oxygen trapped in space rocks, moons, planets, etc., and then combine with that oxygen to form water. This discovery came within weeks of another one- that interplanetary dust carries space water, and potentially, organic materials, down to all materials in the solar system. Why should it stop at our neighborhood? It shouldn’t, and neither should it stop at the solar wind characteristics of our star or its ability to radiologically create water from the rocks.

NASA has discovered that Earth’s upper ionosphere erupts enormous amounts of oxygen during impact from coronal mass ejections (CME) from the sun. This oxygen does not need to be  liberated from rocks; it’s “ready to go” and has an abundance of solar wind particles in the impacting CME with which to create water.

What do these breakthroughs tell us? Our star is a raw-materials distribution center for everything touched by its solar wind. Rocky bodies are going to have water, and are more likely to have oxygen-rich atmospheres for the same reason of oxygen liberation. Those oxygen-rich atmospheres are conceivably the best method for water production in the known universe; our planet’s reaction to the solar hydrogen is to toss out a shield of oxygen.

Icy moons are likely to be prominent features around large planets as well, it is likely a matter of bad luck that one of the dozens in our own system is not warmer on the surface. However, if you are hoping to find another earth, hoping to find life outside earth, you likely will not need much luck at all.

The search for exoplanets is not only sizzling hot, but the scientists themselves seem incredulous at some of the findings. In just the last 12 months, we learned that one-sixth (⅙) of all stars in our galaxy have an earth-sized planet, and then months later, that it is actually one-fifth (⅕) of stars having the earth-sized planets… in the habitable zone.

If we use the number of 100 Billion stars in the galaxy, a common number, that’s 20 Billion chances for an earth-like rock or even a young Mars. What about the liquid oceans beneath moons like enceladus and europa? Between earth, Mars, and the dozen moons that may actually have life underground, it appears our initial guess is missing some zeros. Between planets like Earth and Mars, and the icy moons we’re likely to find, not just at sun-like stars but at all stars, we may have 500 Billion watery spheres to explore… just in the milky way.

There are millions of people around the world who not only believe that life exists outside our planet, but that evidence of that life can be found right here on Earth. It appears that the more we learn about the universe, the even stronger arguments for the existence of other life may be strictly numerical, ones of probability. Stars tend to have rocky planets like ours far more often than we could have imagined even just a few years ago, and with a bit of interdisciplinary connect-the-dots between scientific discoveries, you realize that most of those planets are going to have water and oxygen.

It would not be surprising to find that star formation results in patterned planet formation as well. If so, as the trends in observational evidence suggest, then planets like earth will be nearly ubiquitous, along with the existence of habitable moons. The STARWATER survey tells us that water is going to be everywhere, but it cannot confirm the existence of life outside our planet. This is where the evidence leaves us to draw our own conclusions about the existence of life on those worlds. It’s really the only question left; the water is not going to be a problem.

The papers, scientists, discoveries, and revelations are explored in the STARWATER series, available for members at, but the research and resources to private material are always made free for everyone here.


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    Kevin Bauer

    Excellent article. I have been following The Suspicious 0bservers for about 2 years now and always found the site informative and easy to understand. Thank-you Ben Davidson,I truly enjoy your work.
    Peace Y



    Thank you for your input Ben, you can join the list of disappointed observers I have encountered in my journey through this psuedo-phenounenom we call Mainstream Science.

    I suppose Charles Fort was my 1st encounter, his books are quite revealing almost as revealing as his take on Mainstream Science whitch either ignores or discredits discoveries it cannot explain.

    Immanuel Velikovsky would probably be my second encounter and from there I lost track or quit counting.

    PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D is the latest most profound challenge to Mainstream Science, his Superwave theory coupled with the Thunder Bolts people, I fail to see how the warped Monster we call Maistream Science can survive, but I would not be suprised if it does.

    I guess we might get some revelations in late March when the G2 Cloud arrives at the Galactic Core. I am sure, if we do, and if it is not to spectacular an event, our Scientist will have a lot of Exclamations of surprise, which seem to be their Forte, “Dumbfounded”, “completely Suprised” and on and on goes their clueless, misguided Science, but Politicaly correct Science.



    As we break thru the dogma and creeds handed down by our forefathers, we see a new horizin. One filled with infinite possibilities. Pure sciences unfiltered by the human condition reveals Truth, which is the basis of faith.



    Brilliant,thank you for every thing you do,with every one who suport you and stand behind you,you and your team make a great contribution for humankind.

    warm greats a stardust



    Great Article, Very enlightening as usual to say the least, Thank You Ben.
    I am a faithful follower of Ben at Suspicious0bservers and have learned a great deal about our solar system and the connection between our star, Planet earth, and the rest of the planets in our solar system.
    I have a great respect for Ben and his work, as I believe he is a new breed of Climatologist that incorporates Space and Solar weather, electromagnetic connections and how it effects planet earth and creates / effects planetary weather, as we know it, including extreme climate changes not “Manmade Global Warming” as the political leaders would like us to believe.
    How our Star, planet earth, and the rest of our solar system is magnetically electrically connected to one another, and the influence this has on everything on and off our planet, and throughout the fast reaches of galactic space of our galaxy and beyond what we know as the universe..



    I’m a new fan of Ben’s – and am fascinated by the work he does and the information he provides. This 61-yo lady is proof that it’s never too late to start learning. I’m trying to spread the news about the S0s to all my friends and family!


    Wade Hutson

    After 3 months in hospital w/pneumonia, I am so happy to be back enjoying Ben’s work. I am soaking up all the info I can, because I am convinced that his take is the correct one.


    Mark Spann

    Great overview of the Starwater hypothesis. Seems hardly a day goes by any longer that we don’t hear about HH0 being discovered in some new, totally unexpected (by Establishment Science, that is) region of the Cosmos. In essence, what we’re finding is that electrochemical synthesis of HHO is not just abundant, it’s quite literally everywhere we look for it.



    This is a very good article and can be appreciated by anyone who realizes that space=infinity (with potentials unknown to us) and not only earth/near earth definitively (with no more potentials than we can see). You need a grant! Your research is exemplary.



    I’ve been an astronomy buff since I was a kid. I ended up reading astrology charts instead. But it’s taught me about vibration and how each and every one of us is connected vibrationally with the sun, moon & planets. I follow Ben every day on Suspicious Observers and what I notice is how the new information supports what the vedic astrologers thought ago about the way everything in the universe is connected.


    Kenn Hansen

    Ben is one of the true believers. He is a doer, too. When you are all alone at the top you’re going to take some hits. Thanks for taking some for the team, Ben.
    I wouldn’t think about the starting my day without watching Suspicious0bserver. Four minutes of news beats volumes of Scientific American all day long.



    John H. Nelson is of some interest. His findings were pretty much ignored: and here:

    It is useless to persist in the Electric Universe theory until we inderstand Tesla and Stubblefield, and Discard Einstein’s Plagiarism and Dogma’s. Eric Dollard would be well worth investigating for Earthquake predictions and locations using Longitudinal waves. Logitudial waves travel at up to 190% the speed of light.

    There is a lot of Electrical energy out there that Mainstream Science ignores.


    Craig Power

    Giday Mate, I do not know how you know what you know but I like it.
    Star water eh, that’s right up my alley mate.
    Water is our construction.
    Gen_1:2 Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.
    Gen_1:6 God spoke: “Sky! In the middle of the waters; separate water from water!”
    Gen_1:7 God made sky. He separated the water under sky from the water above sky. And there it was:


    Lars Ulrich

    Suspicious Observers has really been a game changer for me. I subscribed a couple months ago and have learned a lot about our Electric Star. Many thanks to Ben Davidson for “waking me up” to a new way of looking at the universe. Be sure to check out the Thunderbolts Project.



    We found water vapor in sunspots, in massive quantities in pre-planetary and pre-stellar nebulae, and surrounding black holes.

    So Black Holes Do exist, can we take it in that way?


    Possibility Wave LLC

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    1) An open mind and
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    Tony W Didit

    I smile at Mans remarkable recent discoveries. It saddens me though, that Mankind, while capable of such insight, stumbles so heavily upon religious Indifference…It is true that God is real. The thing is though, is that he is much more real than religion makes him out to be.
    That we are made in his image is true…it would be fair to say we have his DNA. That would explain Mans ability to build, prosper, and travel outside of our atmosphere.
    Religion was once called a science. What happened? I dont know, but I have found Some very profound science in the Bible, only it was worded in the way Man spoke several thousand years ago,mwhich made understanding “things” very difficult.
    I suppose religion is allot like science…stiff lipped and slow to except change and a new understanding, or way of thinking. It has simply become a tool, used by leaders of peoples to control the ignorant uneducated subjects in which they intend to use for certain purposes. Well, its always been that way, hasnt it?

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